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  Welcome to the Animal Refuge Kingdom!
The ARK (Animal Refuge Kingdom) is one unique facility. It provides a sanctuary for abused animals and a therapeutic facility for special needs children and adults. Our prayer is that the Animal Refuge Kingdom will always be a place that animals live out their lives with love, and people with special needs come to enjoy these beautiful creatures.

Helping People & Animals - Together Therapy

Not only do we rescue a lot of animals that have no where else to go but we have developed The ARK to give therapy to special needs children and adults. The ARK also works with seniors in assisted living centers to offer companionship from these loving rescued animals.

Our Location

The Animal Refuge Kingdom is located just south of Fort Worth, Texas on 26 wooded acres. There are deer and long horn rams that were rescued from a captive hunting ground in Texas. Horses - large and small, donkeys, alpacas, sheep, goats, pigs and many others make up the residents of the ARK. Most of the animals all have a story to tell about how they arrived there.

Our Mission

The ARK is a non-profit 501C3 organization and relies on private donations in order to fulfill their mission. They are not open to the general public and focus entirely on helping people and animals with special needs.

The ARK works with thousands of kids and adults in Johnson & Tarrant Counties of Texas. Most of the children that visit are from the special education departments of our local school districts. Children’s hospitals in the area also find peace and tranquility within the ARK for their cancer patients and others that are able to make a field trip.  Their visits consist of interaction with the animals, golf cart rides thru the property, catching as many fish as they want from the stocked fishing pond, or just enjoying a picnic lunch.


Please help us help all these beautiful creatures that in turn share their never ending love with all people that visit The ARK.

Donations to:
Animal Refuge Kingdom (The ARK)
4825 Conveyor Drive
Cleburne, TX 76031
(817) 641-7480
Send your donation online or call 817-641-7480

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